The purpose of the Hallam Marketing blog

The Hallam Marketing blog explores the issues that are being thrown up by the coming together of three things: market research techniques, the online world (especially social media) and the needs and practices of small* organisations.  It is clear that online and social media will change how organisations gather and use information to help them better understand customers and potential customers.

Exactly how this will happen, and what its impact will be, is still unknown.  The effect that this will have on small organisations is even more unclear.  But it could result in a significant increase in the ability of such organisations to understand their markets – proportionately more so than for larger organisations.  Hence my interest in this particular area.

The purpose of the blog is to:

  • provide a vehicle to enable me to work through these issues, to see where they lead.
  • enable others to comment and contribute, so that better conclusions and solutions emerge – hopefully!

*In this context I define ‘small organisations’ as those who have a marketing department of between c.5 people and none, and who historically have been only able to commission market research once or twice a year, if at all.

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