A presentation on b2b customer loyalty research that turned up something more basic

Last night I attended an interesting presentation organised by the Business Intelligence Group, jointly given by Debbie Senior from Harris Interactive UK and Llinos Jonathan from Invensys Controls.  The business is a global provider of control gizmos to the heating, appliance, refrigeration and automotive industries.  The presentation was based on their last customer survey with business customers around the world and focused on measuring the levels and drivers of customer loyalty. Continue reading

Consequences for small businesses of Martin Baillie’s radical views on the future of market research

In a recent article Martin Baillie suggested that we need to move from ad hoc research to responsive insight.  What does this mean?  He believes that ‘The problem is that in a connected world, marketing should mean always-on collaboration with audiences, working with consumer reactions and making ourselves more and more relevant to them.

However, he says, few clients are structured to deal with continuous, iterative, responsive communication and few agencies have structured themselves to deliver this either (because the clients aren’t structured that way yet).’

The way forward

He believes that the way forward is to: Continue reading